Christ On The Dusty Roads of India
Global Revolution in World Missions


Read the riveting story about how Pastor N.J. Varughese left his home in South India with only $1 and went on to build up an army of pastors and evangelists in Bihar state, North India. In the process he was stoned, beaten up, and left for dead. He suffered hunger and thirst, slept in the open jungle with wild tigers, and mobilized fifty wild elephants through prayer. But Christ on the Dusty Roads of India isn’t just a book of missionary stories. Pastor Varughese also shares amazing insights on how to reform world missions, particularly how to overcome the poverty mentality that hinders the fulfillment of the Great Commission.



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Pastor N.J. Varughese calls himself “a missionary from India  to India.” He was born to a Christian family in South India and has dedicated his entire adult life as a missionary to the unreached villages and people groups of North India. In the beginning of his evangelism ministry, Pastor Varughese preached for two years before seeing his first convert. Now he oversees a network of over 700 pastors and evangelists, nearly all of whom were saved through his ministry. Together they have established about 500 churches in villages where there were no known believers. N.J. Varughese runs two ministries, All India Mission and Health for India, from his office in Olathe, KS where he lives with his wife, Ellen. He continues to spend about half his time on the mission field in North India.

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Global Revolution in World Missions”

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